About Us

Founded in November, 2011.

Lucky Sports has a few goals...
  • Raise money and awareness for select charities
  • Promote amateur athletics
  • Host and organize unique races; providing opportunities for everyone to win! (Participants, sponsors, charities...) 
  • At EVERY event:
    • Provide well organized events
    • Reduce waste: encourage recycling & avoid the use of paper - when possible

Lisa KC Tollefson
Lisa [at] LuckyCauseSports [dot] org
Lisa got started in team sports during her school years. In her last semester in College, before graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, she took one of her favorite course. Soccer. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning she and her classmates played for an hour.  It was great! It should've been a sign to her that she was one of the few people in the course that looked forward to class and was dissapointed the few times it was cancelled. Fast forward 6 years...Living in a an apartment, in the west suburbs of Chicago, that had an indoor pool (about 30 yards long) she started training for her first triathlon. July 2009, headed North of the city and into a little town in Wisconsin. By 10 am, she was a triathlete! In 2010, after falling for a fellow Mechanical Engineer and triathlete, she moved 2,000 miles to the Pacific Northwest. Shortly after, she began working behind the scenes at triathlons and shortly after, helping with timing at running events. April 2011, she organized and directed her first race - the Love-able 5K in Maple Valley. From there the idea to start a non-profit organization developed and grew...Lisa was elected President of Lucky Cause Sports at the first meeting of the Board of Directors in December.

David Tollefson
David [at] LuckyCauseSports [dot] org
David says his first love was basketball.  Unfortunately love doesn't mean talent.  He retired his high-tops and started doning running shoes.  During high school he ran track and cross country.  In college, he added swimming to his routine and in his sophomore year he competed in his first triathlon.  A few years after college he started focusing on only one of the disciplines of the tri - - biking.  He started racing on a few local teams and participated in about 60 races a year for about 10 years.  After that he continued with multi-sport competitions.  Joining his soon-to-be wife, they worked at races throughout the Pacific Northwest.  David was elected Vice-President of Lucky Cause Sports at the first annual meeting of the Board of Lucky Cause Sports.

Board of Directors:

Eric [at] LuckyCauseSports [dot] org

Josh [at] LuckyCauseSports [dot] org

Rosemary [at] LuckyCauseSports [dot] org
Rosemary says her sporting background began when she was a toddler, "My first love is gymnastics. In school I competed in both gymnastics and softball. Later my love for the outdoors took over and I found myself hiking, cycling, kayaking and rock climbing. I loved the culture so much I ended up working for a large outdoor retailer. This afforded me the opportunity to coordinate with others of similar interest to arrange events to help others get outside and involved with their communities. I found this type of work is what I truly love."
I'm not a runner... at least not a very good one. I don't believe you have to be uber-competitive to participate in these races, you just need to have the desire to help a good cause and the energy to have fun with fellow participants."