Things you may or may not want to know about Lucky Cause Sports...

Where did the name come from? 
A: The idea came from one of Lisa's cats (hence the pawprint logo).  His name is Lucky.  His nickname is "little booger" because he gets into everything...including the pantry.  It just sounded good - to me.  Naming it "Little Booger Sports", "Jake Cause Sports", "Duke Cause Sports" or "Ginger Cause Sports"...just didn't have the same ring!  Yes...we have 2 dogs and 2 cats :-D  They all - amazingly - coexist (fairly) peacefully!

Are you non-profit?
A:  No, not currently - but we hope to be soon.  Our goal is to raise money for charity, which we believe fits under the IRS's designation of 501(c)(3) - which is the most common non-profit designation.

Since LCS is for charity, can I deduct (for taxable purposes) my entree fee?
A: No, not currently. If you choose to make an additional donation at the time of registration...then THAT will be tax deductable because all of that money is going to the charity and you are not receiving anything for it in return.

Can I get involved - as a charity, volunteer or sponsor?
A: Well of course!  We are still looking to grow our calendar and are always looking for new and unique event ideas, good charities, able volunteers and sponsors!!!